SONARA Sealine-Cameroon

In Cameroon, GEOCEAN has successfully completed the installation of a sealine and a PLEM (pipeline end manifold) in the vicinity of Limbé in order to connect tanker’s CBM (Conventional Buoy mooring) to the SONARA refinery. This turnkey contract, executed for the National “Société Nationale de Rafinage” includes engineering, procurement, fabrication of all equipment as well as their offshore installation.

Preparation works at the Worksite and barge mobilization took place between February and April 2017. For the shore approach, Super Max marine excavator was used for the seabed preparation in order to facilitate the pipe pulling to the shore. The 2,2km Concrete weight coated 30’’ pipeline were then installed with Geocean Protis pipelay barge with the support of Bourbon Liberty 305 during the course of May and satisfactorily hydrotested.

The projet will be completed in September 2017 with the completion of the final connection between the pipeline and the existing line at the refinery and with the installation of the last subsea spool between the pipeline and the PLEM.

The project hasn’t recorded any LTI.