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EPCI - Turnkey Contract

Geocean is an EPCI contractor active in the domains of water, oil, gas and renewables. Our activities are mainly deployed on shallow water, near shore and shore sites – where offshore gradually becomes onshore and where specific know-how, expertise and equipment must be called upon.

EPCI Services

GEOCEAN's Services

Engineering Services

Geocean has developed its engineering capability to support its project with expertise in design, methods and installation analysis. The strong field experience of Geocean’s engineers is the reason why the technical solutions proposed are reliable and lead to the success in challenging operation.

O&M/IRM Services

With a Deep knowledge of the Oil and Gas offshore terminals acquired during over 40 years acting as EPCI contractor Geocean provides its clients Highly qualified and experienced personnel in all disciplines to manage its O&M operations.

Survey Services

As provider of turn-key solutions, Geocean has solid experience in the performance of inspections, survey campaigns and positioning solutions. Experience that Geocean is now willing to share by proposing its services to Client and others construction companies and accompany them by performing complete survey and inspections scope or by renting in-house specific equipment.