GEOCEAN’s Services – Engineering


Geocean design expertise includes subsea pipeline, offshore terminal, and shore crossing. Geocean have the capacity to perform the design of small project on its own. For project requiring important design resource, Geocean will select an external engineering with proven capacity and will follow it with due diligence and dedication. When necessary, Geocean will be able to challenge its subcontractor for the benefit of its client. Over time Geocean had enriched its network of partners from independent expert to international engineering company always focussing on technical excellence in its field of activities.

As Geocean, as EPCI contractor, is often involved in Project’s details design (the part of design including supplier’s input). With project scale understanding, the procurement engineering, which start with clarification with vendors, contributes to the selection of equipment fit for purpose. Quality control and reliable logistic will then ensure the timely delivery on the project.

Engineering for Construction & Installation Analysis

The success in the operation of offshore construction performed by Geocean is due to serious preparation of all details. Geocean has developed the know-how for the assessment and detailed modelling of all phases of construction occurring during its project such as barge stability, mooring, lift, pipeline laying, pulling, towing, sinking…

Engineering for construction also includes the design of custom-made installation aids, requiring structural analysis and knowledge in naval architecture to adapt vessel to the project.