Our Business Areas

Sea Water Air Conditioning

Geocean is a leading offshore energy infrastructure contractor. Within our portfolio of solutions, we have engineered and installed a green, renewable, and cost-efficient technology destined to provide Cooling for clients in tropical coastal areas.

SWAC for Sea Water Air Conditioning takes advantage of the Ocean’s Depth cool energy to reduce the electrical consumption used for cooling, buildings, or districts. Thus, helping our clients participate in emission reductions and power saving.

SWAC  has been already installed by Geocean for three clients in French Polynesia with tangible environmental and economical performances.

Sea Water Air Conditioning


Marine Intake & Outfall

GEOCEAN is executing EPC contracts for the installation of Marine intake and outfall pipelines for a wide range of clients and industries such as Desalination, Wastewater & Water Treatment, Mining or Power Plant cooling.

Our tailor-made intake & outfall pipeline systems are designed and built to meet the highest environmental, technical and operational constraints of our various clients around the world.

Marine Intake & Outfall

Gas Terminals

Geocean is a leading company in the LNG marine terminal industry delivering on EPCI basis the widest range of terminal solutions on the market.

We consider that each application differs from one to another and therefore a bespoke solution is to be found for each client. Therefore, depending on project conditions, Geocean will recommend and deliver the best suitable terminal available in its portfolio of solutions.

Geocean terminal solutions are compatible with all types of fluids whether LNG, ammonia, CO2 or hydrogen.

Spread &  Turret mooring Terminals

From 20m water depth when access to the shore is difficult these floating terminal mooring solutions are quickly deployable and able to cope with a wide range of sea condition


Flexible, scalable with low operating costs, jetties are the most widely used solution where the access to the shore of vessels is not an issue

Oil Terminals

Single point mooring system serves as a mooring point as well as an interconnection for tankers loading or offloading liquid product. The system can accommodate the largest vessels, including VLCC and is suited for locations up to approximately 100 m water depth. SPM system can accomodate a wide range of sea and weather conditions.

Single Point Mooring

Conventional Buoy Mooring (CBM) is a mooring facility consisting of three to eight permanent mooring chains with anchors. It is the most economical choice on applications where smaller tankers are employed, up to approximately 30m water depth and in areas where the environmental conditions are moderate or uni-directional.

Conventional Buoy Mooring