Contract Award in Egypt

On 09/03/2017, GEOCEAN signed an EPC contract for repairing pipe intakes and outfall in Port Said Power Plant.

Scope of work:

  • Replacement of portions of the 4 defective lines in DN2300 GRP (2 intakes + 2 outlets) by 4 HD2500 SDR33 tubes (PN6 Bars). The opening of the soil is stabilized by sheet piling on the path of the replacement.
  • Replacement causes: differential subsidence of the GRP-bearing soil along the “unsupported” path of the tubes which have caused the disconnection and breakage of the pipe connections since the plant end of construction (2000).
  • Length of GRP to be replaced

Intake – 2 x 125m

Outfall – 2 x 170m

Chlorine line – 2 x 145m


google map EDRA