A new SWAC for GEOCEAN, Leader in this field of activity !

Contract Award for the construction of the SWAC (Sea Water Air Conditioning) maritime works of the French Polynesian Hospital (CHPF) in Tahiti - Papeete.

The Ministry of Modernisation has awarded a contract to GEOCEAN for the construction of the CHPF SWAC maritime works (package n°1) that consists in the installation of two pipes:

  • An Intake Line composed of a OD 710mm HDPE pipe with a length of approximately 3.800m, down to a water depth of -890m.
  • An Outfall Line equipped with a diffuser in its terminal part composed of a 710mm HDPE pipe, approximately 200m long.

The project already started and the maritime works should be completed Q4 2020/Q1 2021.

GEOCEAN had already successfully performed similar works in 2011 for the submarine installation of an equivalent SWAC system for the “Le Brando Hotel” on Tetiaroa atoll in Tahiti.

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