3rd SWAC for GEOCEAN in French Polynesia

Tahiti Beachcomber SA (TBSA), who is the worldwide pioneer in the SWAC technology after putting into service the first SWAC back in 2006 in French Polynesia, has entrusted Geocean with the detailed engineering, procurement, construction and installation of the SWAC deep water intake pipeline for the Intercontinental Thalasso & SPA in Bora Bora. The service order for an immediate start of the project has been signed by both parties.

This new project contributes to strengthen GEOCEAN’s leadership position on the renewable energy market of the deep water SWACs.

GEOCEAN had already built the Brando Hotel’s SWAC in French Polynesia in 2012 for TBSA, and is now finalizing the construction of the Papeete Hospital’s SWAC on the Island of Tahiti.


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