Pipelines for SWAC (Sea Water Air Conditioning) and OTEC (Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion) industries.

The principle of SWAC and OTEC is to take advantage of the difference of temperature between cold deep waters and warm surface waters to respectively power air conditioning systems or to produce electricity in the most environmentally-friendly way possible. SWAC and OTEC pipelines installation are complex projects, often located in difficult environments, which require careful design, planning and specific methodologies that we have developed with our experienced personnel and dedicated equipment in order to carry out the work in the most safe, efficient and environmental friendly manner.

Geocean manages:

  • Design, including surveys (bathymetry, geophysical and geotechnical survey), basic design, detailed design, method statements and specifications,
  • Procurement and transport even in remote areas,
  • Construction, with Project management, logistics, on-site construction.

SWAC & OTEC EPC projects

Scope of Work: Detailed design, installation engineering, procurement and supply, construction and installation.

Material: HDPE pipelines

Depth of Intervention: 0-1000m wd

Use: Cooling Systems and Energy Conversion

Terminations: Intake heads – Diffusers at outfalls

Shore approach: HDD – Micro-tunneling – Dredging – Pre/post trenching operations