Oil & Gas

Pipelines for the transport of petroleum products, LNG or LPG


We master all of the different methods of installation in shallow waters: S-lay, push-pull, bottom pull or towing.
Our experience covers managing the different types of terminations, whether to platforms via risers, loading/offloading terminals, manifold and jumpers such as CBM/SPM with PLEM and hoses, or Tie-in points to the deep water sections.

On the shore side, we can perform the landfall and trenching operations. Geocean owns and operates several dedicated vessels and equipment to support pipeline construction.

Oil & Gas Pipeline EPC Projects

Scope of Work: Detailed design, installation engineering, procurement and supply, construction and installation.

Material: Steel pipelines, including coatings (anti-corrosion, insulation, concrete)

Depth of Intervention: 0-200m wd

Use: Transport of petroleum products

Terminations: Risers – PLEM – Plants

Shore approach: HDD – Dredging – Pre/post trenching operations